My alarm clock has gathered dust for years. As a lifelong early riser, I awaken naturally at 5:30 am, even on holidays. This habit isn’t about personal preference; it’s a window into my core values and leadership philosophy.

Growing up on a dairy farm, rising before dawn was ingrained in me from childhood. Helping care for animals alongside my siblings instilled a sense of responsibility and a strong work ethic. These mornings also fostered a deep appreciation for the quiet beauty of the natural world.

Daily Doses of Inspiration – My predawn walks offer a daily dose of inspiration. Sunrises, with their breathtaking colors and celestial companions like shooting stars and satellites, are a constant reminder of new beginnings and boundless potential. Each day presents a clean slate, a chance to choose positivity and hope, even amidst setbacks.

Leaving my previous job as a library director in May 2022 was an unexpected and challenging experience. The misalignment with leadership values fueled empathy for others facing similar situations. Instead of succumbing to negativity, I used this experience as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, embarking on a journey in leadership coaching.

Just like the sun rises reliably each day, we too possess a wellspring of resilience within us. This inner strength is not only nurtured by past experiences but also ignited by hope. During the isolating years of the pandemic, technology became a lifeline, fostering connections and creativity. We learned to adapt, find joy in new routines, and emerge stronger with fresh perspectives.

Leadership as Your Guiding Light – Consistent leadership, like the unwavering presence of the sun, inspires trust and dependability. Just as we track the changing sunrise throughout the year, let’s strive for consistency in our leadership style. Let’s choose to be dependable mentors and positive influences, not shrouded in negativity.

Sure, no two sunrises are exactly alike, each boasting its unique color palette and patterns. Yet, their inherent beauty remains constant. Similarly, while our leadership styles may evolve, the core values that guide us should shine through consistently.

rough the simple act of witnessing a sunrise, we gain valuable lessons: embrace new beginnings, choose hope, and lead with unwavering consistency and integrity. These are the daily reflections I carry with me, both personally and professionally.

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