Spring is a beautiful time of the year.  Signs of new life and new beginnings are all around us – leaves are budding on trees, flowers are bursting through the ground, birds are lining their nests and laying eggs.  In North Carolina, the azaleas are in bloom, and neighbors are mowing their lawn.  Dead wood and leaves are being pruned from plants to make way for new blooms and new life.

Soon, I will be purchasing vegetable plants and annuals from a local nursery to brighten my yard.  I pull weeds, fertilize and mulch as necessary.  All of this is done in anticipation of how colorful my flower beds will look in the summer and fall.  I also enjoy fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and sweet potatoes from my garden.  This time of renewal brings hope for new beginnings.

Let’s take inspiration from this season and use it as an opportunity to begin anew ourselves.  Whether it’s starting a new project, setting new goals, or letting go of old habits, let’s embrace the spirit of spring and make the most of this time of new beginnings.

Consider all aspects of your life – personal relationships, professional, spiritual, health and financial.  What obligations or habits are not serving you?  Perhaps it is time to weed and prune aspects that are no longer serving you.  If we do not change, we cannot grow.   When we grow, we can find happiness and contentment in all areas of our lives.

Use this season as a reminder to start fresh, set new goals and work towards becoming the best versions of ourselves.

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